helping the community

Louberg’s Executive member, Lionel Louw is very passionate about helping the community and developing young adults. Every Friday evening, he’s personally involved at a local youth assembly in Ravensmead Cape Town, teaching and developing the youth in the the community to reach for their full potential. With the phenomenal influences of getting the youngster focuses, Mr Lionel Louw, with a team of 5 assistants, managed to grow the youth group from 9 to 60 youth members with a spiritual strategy to encourage and develop our youth with this development program. All this happened in a space of under 10 months. They had their first major singing concert on 28 May 2017 and was a great success, whereby they raised funds for their bus fare to a district conceert in Eastern Cape. Mr Louw is personally involved in managing this project and ensuring all goals are met. The youth group are enjoying the full support from the community and local assembly.

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