Garage equipment

Louberg supply, install and service the very best in garage equipment to the mining, oil, motor, transport, agricultural, government and automotive industries. We provide accurate oil monitoring systems along with digital tank levelling systems.

The JMCO is a system for oil control from one or more centralised tanks. It is based on a control unit, through which it is possible to control up to 4 dispensing points with 4 different products.

By means of an interface you can connect up to 12 OCIO level gauges and send data direct via cable to a PC up to 1000 metres away.

  • Wiggins Fast fill fuel nozzles are the world’s toughest dry break fuel couplers.
  • Wiggins design has a proven safety locking mechanism and world class robust reliability.
  • Wiggins has capabilities to accommodate steel and plastic tank fast-fill systems.

Our range of grease and fluid transfer equipment has been tested and proven to be the most reliable in the mining, marine mining, agriculture and industrial platforms. Raazm and our other trusted brands are the market leaders in designing robust and effective fluid transfer solutions. Contact the Louberg Solutions team and get your fluid transfer challenges solved today!

In the process of generating Wind Energy, there are enormous mechanical forces acting on the Rotor and on the various components of the Generator and Transmission. Additionally, variable climatic conditions such as temperature and humidity changes, as well as atmospheric exposure, all play a role in contributing to the deterioration of the lubricants used in the Wind Turbines.

Louberg has been assisting various workshops in setting up their operation and has a sound reputation for good customer service, trade excellence and friendly staff .We have an extensive product range that includes hand tools, electronic toolkits, fluid measuring equipment ,workshop equipment and power tools.

looking for world proven fuels and lubricants?

Grease Dispensing Equipment

manual grease dispensere trolley kit

Air operated grease dispensing trolley kit. Available for 180kg, 50kg and 18kg drums. With or without hose reels

manual grease dispenser

Manual operated foot and lever type grease dispensers with containers.


G-Gun, foot operated grease transfer kit

Trusted brands

lubrication and equipment

Lubrication & Equipment

At Louberg we provide comprehensive solutions for all automated lubrication needs. From earth moving equipment to marine mining…

hydraulics and pneumatics

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

We’re a specialist supplier and distributor of hydraulic hose and fittings, mobile components and hydraulic hose-related accessories.

fire suppression

Fire Suppression

The effectiveness of a genuine Muster system comes from our proprietary, polymer tubing that will rupture when exposed to a flame.

collision avoidance

Collision Avoidance

Collision avoidance system is an automobile safety system designed to reduce the severity of a collision.